Customer has the following setup: Netware 4.11 server, 6 x Windows XP Pro
client, 2 x Windows 98 client.

Has worked flawlessly for over a year, till recently the Windows XP
machines one after the other stopped logging in and giving the
error: "Maximum number of connection reached, wait for another user to

At this moment theres still one XP machine that log's on correctly, the
other 5 have the problem.

Nothing changed, no new users, no new computers, nothing to exceed the
installed licenses. It doesnt make a difference if theres noone else
logged in, and if a user that has been denied acces on the XP machines go
to a w98 machine, they can log in without a problem.

The server shows the active connections being lower than the amount of
installed licenses so there should be no problem there either.

Tried the following:

- Deleted all user accounts and made new ones
- Tried several older and the latest XP clients
- Restored the XP machines to a date where they would still work, didnt
- Tried different NIC's and NIC drivers.