I got permission to run my code in the labs at my university at night. I
now have access to 250 machines. I tried logging into all 250 last night
and it took over 3 hours.

May I please ask you for your kind help? Is there a way to somehow
automatically log into all machines in a given lab? The technical support
person at my university said she didn't have time to look into this. Do I
need to ask them to give me an "admin" account (I doubt they would be
willing to do this for me), or is there a way to do this without having a
system administrator account?

The computers in these labs run Novell Client for Windows. In some labs
the version is 4.90 SP2, in other labs the version is 4.91, or 4.91 SP1.
Under the "scripts" tab, I see that all of the following have a check mark
beside them: run scripts, display results window, close automatically.
Under the NMAS tab, it says "Sequence: nds". It is a 32 bit client V8.00,
NSC 000652.

Thank you very much for considering this problem!