We are running NW 6.0 SP5 and client 4.91 SP2. We also have Symantec v10.0.1 running on the workstation (no antivirus running on the server). I disabled the antivirus on the workstation but the problem still exists.

There seems to be a couple issues with the modified and created dates for files that reside on our NSS volumes.

Issue #1
For a lot of our older files that have not been accessed for a while, the created and modified dates are flipped in such a way that the modifed date is older than the created date. Not exactly sure, but there is a good chance that the the modified date shows the original creation date, and the creation date actually shows the last modified date. As expected, if I modify and save the file, the modified date is now updated correctly, and the creation date stays the same.

There are two problems with this.
1) What caused the modified date and the creation date to be flipped in the first place (maybe an upgrade or conversion to NSS ??).
2) Once the files are modified, the modified date is correct but the creation date is still not correct (and never will be)

We often run reports to show files older than a certain date or not modified for a certain amount of time. For these old files that have the date flip problem, the reports are not accurate.

Issue #2
We are using MS Project 2003 and if I open a Project file and then exit without modifying or saving the file, the last modified date is still changed. This does not seem to happen with other Microsoft Office 2003 applications.

Neither of these issues exists on the local drive, just on the NSS volume. I have searched and read various things about NSS volumes, session stamping and extended attributes which seem to be related to this, but have not found any suggestions or resolutions to this problem. Does anyone know it there are patches, fixes, registry edits etc. that might resolve this problem or is it something that we have to live with on NSS volumes? Thanks in advance.