We have Netware 6.5sp4 EDir I have (so far) one PC that has a
logging in. It can see the Tree, context and server, but from time to
time it will not accept known good passwords. I can shutdown and come
back and soemtimes it works sometimes not. I can shut it down and plug a
different PC in it's place and login with the password that just failed.
I have tried multiple accounts on this PC and when it doesn't want t log
in, it won;t let anyone in. What could cause this? I thought that if you
could see the tree,context,server and had a good password, you were home
free. I've tried it with an SLPDA address in the client properties and
without(most don't use SLP because IPX is still out there). I'm not sure
where to look next. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.