Running Netware 4.2, Windows XP, Novell Client 4.9 SP2, Zenworks 3.2. We
also have a few workstations with Windows NT4, Novell Client 4.3 and
Zenworks 1.1 starter pack. This past weekend, we moved 2 of our Novell
servers to a new location across the wan. Currently, our tree design is
one big root partition. There are replicas of this one partition at both
locations. We don't have any users in the new location yet.

Upon return to work on Monday & Tuesday (after the weekend's move) some of
our users are having difficulty logging in. They enter the username &
password at the nwgina, the N icon with the animation thing in the middle
does its thing but the user never gets logged on & there's no error
message. Multiple reboots, going to the Advanced tab and reselecting Tree
7 context, etc don't seem to help.

Any ideas of where I can look to troubleshoot this? Could this have
anything to do with Zenworks being installed on zervers across the wan?
The users load NAL from their login script and from the server in their
location not across the wan.