We have the latest novell client running on windows 2000 and XP machines (sp2)
and when people login there is a login script that does a

MAP H:= \\server\homedrives\%CN

But I noticed that when the username is longer than 8 characters this gives
an error 8804 telling me that the mapping could not be completed.
If i try to create the mapping via windows -> my computer -> Network drives
this works without any problem (So it's not a permission issue).

If another user on the same machine logs in with a username less than 8
characters there is no problem and the mapping is done.

As a work-around I have
MAP H:= \\server\homedrives
but now people still have to click on there directory before they can save

Any ideas? I have read some things about 8 character limitations in the
past. Do they still exist?

Running OES on Linux (sp1)

Thanks in advance