I think I've exhausted every search term! I've read a lot about it not
being possible since Novell is waiting (absurdly enough) for Vista to
launch to release a NetWare client for 64 bit Windows OSes. While this
is absolutely appaling, I was investigating the possibility of running
the NetWare client through emulation software, which lead me to Windows
on Windows 64 (WOW64). Is it not possible to convert the Netware 4.9x
installation to an MSI format in order to take advantage of the 32-bit
subsystem of say, Windows Server 2003 x64 edition?

I know that I cannot be alone in the situation I'm in: Sun X4200
servers w/ Dual Core Opterons, Windows Server 2003 x64, Citrix
Presentation Server 4 64-bit Edition, and the need to access Novell
shares from the published desktop.

What gives Novell?