We would like to be able to use the "Forgot Your Password?" capabilities of
both the 4.91 SP2 client and the User Application in IDM3. We have
password policies and challenge sets in place and both systems will allow
us to change passwords and set hints. The problem we're running into is
that the two utilities that were designed to do the same thing don't do it
in the same way.

The password hints are stored in the user object in plain text under the
"Other" tab. If you use the client to set the hint, the password hint is
stored as the attribute "nsimPasswordReminder" on the "Other" tab.
However, if you use the IDM3 User Application to set the hint, it is stored
as the attribute "nsimHint". These two values coexist when they should be
aggregated as one and polled in the same way by both utilities. Changing
or updating the hint (attribute) in one utility does not update the other
which can result in multiple/conflicting hints.

Is there any way to tweak either the client or the User App to use one
attribute or another?


(also posted in the IDM User App forum)