I am running NetWare 6.6SB SP5, NW65OS5a, N65NSS5a, eDir SMP,
NMAS 3.1.0, NICI 2.7.0 and SSP 2.0.1. On the client side - 4.91 SP2.

From time to time, usually after the server reboot, all my clients loose
ability to login via Novell Login with the Error -1644 after a 3 minutes
timeout. Background login works fine, i.e. if the user logs into the
station only and then clicks through to the NetWare volume they get
authenticated. Even after they are authenticated and attempt to Log in
the Login Script window is produced and then fails to close with the
"Close" button disabled and the window not responding for another 3
minutes after which it disappears.

"Did You Forget Your Password?" control on the Login Screen produces the
same error after the 3 minutes delay.

Connectivity with the server is working fine otherwise. There is no
problem with pinging the server. Files are accessed at the normal speed.

Everything points to some NMAS issue on the server.

Rebooting the server clears the problem immediately.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Vladimir Mikhelson