I have just installed Client 4.91 sp2 on a few workstations in order to
utilize the Forgotten Password feature.
I have created a password policy and enabled Universal Password.
I have also set the Login Sequences on the Users Object to only NDS and
Challenge Response.
I have a few issues that bewilder me and would appreciate any insight.

Here goes:

1.) When a User logs into the Novell Client the IP address of the Server
must be the server in which I used Imanager to create the Password Policy.
(NetWare 6.5 sp5 - DS v - NMAS v 2.4.0). This particular Server
also has IDM v3 on it which I am using to synchronize SAP passwords.
Otherwise, if the User enters a different IP address or leaves it blank they
receive the error: NMAS: Client login module not found. Error -1663.
This sort of make sense, I think, and I suppose I could set this as the
preferred server on the Client. I am concerned what will happen when my
mobile Users are out in the field and would like to authenticate to a local
server. Wouldn't work. Am I missing something??

2.) Next. When a User utilizes the" Did you forget your Password link", on
Client 4.91 sp2, to change a password the pop up tells them the password was
successfully changed and they can log in with their new password. However,
they receive the error: NMAS: Client login module not found. Error
-1663. The User must restart the workstation in order for their new
password to work. Am I missing something?? Again?

3.) Lastly, I have tested this on five Users. One of the Users cannot
configure his Challenge Response. He is following all of the restrictions I
have set as far has min and max characters for the Challenge Response.
After he is prompted to set up his Challenge Response and then clicks OK a
message pops up and tells him his Challenge Response was not set. He has
tried this on several Workstations. It appears to be an issue with his
Object. I cannot find anything different. Again, have I totally missed
something? Any wonky attributes I can delete somewhere??

Appreciate any insight.