Not sure if this is server or client so will try this here first:)

I have a potential issue with a Netware 6.00 server's ability to query a
database file to a windows 2000 workstation at an acceptable rate.
The acceptable rate being quicker than a windows 2000 server.

A user is using a Mapinfo application to access a 300MB database file.
Pulling back necessary via a query data takes on average 2 minutes when
the file resides on the Netware6 server.
When the file is on a windows server, the time drops to 20seconds. Putting
the same file on a 4.11 box (IPX) pull is back in around 1 minute. I'm not
sure if this
is a server issue or a client config issue. The Novell Client is 4.91sp2
with additional patches, before was running 4.90. Servers OS is NW6.00+SP5
and post patches. Client & Server caching is OFF at both ends. Secondary,
another problem on this PC sometimes exhibits itself when trying to save a
document in Excel, clicking the FILE | SAVE AS option will bring up the
SAVE AS screen, then selecting the SAVE IN dropdown to select his drives
will cause EXCEL to crash!! He sometimes looses drive mappings and must
logout and in to reconnect as well.

Workstations is Windows 2000 SP4 fully patched and has it's own 1GB
downlink to our main cisco switch. PC is running at 100MBs, not 1 GB at

Any help appriciated.

Regards, Paul.