Howdy, y'all; we're replacing Win98SE (now unsupported by Microsoft) with
XP Pro SP2. We're not interested in Client 4.91 SP2 as it's a behemoth,
and contains more features than we'll ever need in our relatively simple
network (a single NW5 SP6a server, and a dozen PCs).

For the most part, 4.83 is working OK, though we're deferring the removal
of IPX until we can stabilize everything else. One of the PCs doesn't
display the Client 4.83 password prompt dialog after returning from
hibernation mode. And after coupla minutes, the PC shuts down.

In carefully reading the TIDs, I discovered the following cryptic
paragraph in TID 10067934:

"The workstation will shu.tdown after unlocking the screen when the locked
SAS screen is active and the machine is brought into hibernation mode and
back up."

What exactly does this mean? What's the "SAS screen"? Is this what I'm
looking for?

Is there a Client 4.83 setting to enable prompt for password to unlock the
PC after return from hibernation? All PCs are hibernated after biz hours
so that automated backups can run overnite.

Thanks in advance.