Had a strange problem today... Some users were reporting that they couldn't
see all files within a folder (including some that had been saved today).
Trustee Rights were OK, and I could see the files from my own PC, but I
couldn't when I logged into their computer.

It seems to be client version related. Those who could not see it had 4.90,
but I had 4.91.

However, (and this is the bit that worries me), if I browse the volume in
Console One on my PC, I don't see all the files in the folder - I see about

I've worked-around the problem by copying the files onto my local
workstation, renaming the folder, creating a new one, and copying the files
back into it. Does it point to an NSS issue? Should I be doing a pool verify
or anything?



PS Server is NW6.5SP4a, volume is part of a cluster resource.