I have a peculiar problem I hope someone can help me with! I work at a
University. We have novell and active directory. Our students have novell
accounts but not active directory accounts. We have the computers "auto
login" to active directory in the background for them once they login to
Last year, we used Windows 2000 on the desktop, novell client 4.90 and our
domain was called erau-prc. Our "generic" auto login usernames resided in
the erau-prc domain.
This year, we use Windows Xp on the desktop, novell client 4.91 and our
domain is called erau. Our "generic" auto login usernames still reside in
the erau-prc domain. We are not ready to move them over yet.

The problem? The computers in the labs that are setup to auto login have
no screen saver when logged out. When they login, there is a screen saver.
When i tell the novell client to disregard any auto login, the screen
saver activates when logged out, just like it's supposed to work! It's
driving me crazy! We have flat panel monitors and don't want the login
screen to get burned into screen. one more note, the login screen seems to
refresh itself every few minutes. And, when the screensaver does work, the
computer is at the "press Ctrl+Alt+Del" prompt to login. When they are
setup for auto login, this prompt never displays.
If anyone has any ideas, I'd be extremely greatful!