Currently, all of my servers and workstations are in a single subnet/VLAN. I'm in the process of splitting the two between two different VLAN's/subnets with routing enabled between the two VLANs. In my early testing, I moved a particular workstation to the new VLAN that was working perfect in the old shared-with-the-servers VLAN. In the new subnet/VLAN, the login script fails to map the drive letters to some of the servers. It does correctly log into eDIR and map most of the drives. Which servers fail to map seems to be a bit random on some of them and very consistent on one particular server. If I move the workstation back to the original VLAN, it returns to working properly.

So, when it's in the new VLAN, as soon as I log in and clear the login script error, I can browse out to the servers which failed to map their drives, which causes the automatic authentication. Then, if I right-click on the red-N and do another Login, it will map all the drive letters to those servers. If I don't browse out in Explorer and 'touch' the servers first, a second login will still fail to map the drive letters on those servers.

Once they are all mapped, the performance is as good as ever. This particular workstation is used for backing up the network, so it moves a LOT of data over the LAN. So, I don't believe it's a slowness of the routing between the VLANs.

Any ideas on what's up???