One PC on a NW6.5 SBS network cannot login. It has logged in many times
inthe past. I have moved the PC to another location , changed the cable
and updated the NWC to SP1 with a post patch added and yet it does not
allow any user to login.
The error is :
Novell Security Message
The system could not log you into the network.
Make sure your name and connection information are correct, then type your
password again.
Select Workstation Only checkbox to log in to the local workstation.

I can login to the local workstation, but cannot access the network. even
when using the admin username and password.

Does anyone know why this has happened. All other workstations are
working fine.

BTW - I took this PC to another network that was running NW5.1 and NW6.0
SBS and it logged in without any problems.