Having a strange issue:

When a laptop is connected to our network wirelessly, I cannot resolve
internal DNS A records. If I try to PING a Netware server by name or our
internal WWW record, I get no IP address resolution. I have DNS running on
2 Netware 6.5 SP5 servers. Initially, we only had 1 server running the
NAMED.NLM. We added another server for backup purposes about 2 months ago.

If I connect the laptop with the RJ-45 connection, the DNS is works
properly. When I PING our internal WWW record and Netware servers by name,
I get the correct IP address for that resource.

No difference when looking at the IP info using ipconfig /all.

Playing around, I went to the Advanced TCP/IP settings and went to the DNS
tab. I entered our domain in the "DNS suffix for this connection:" box.
Now the laptop is able to resolve the IP address when PINGing by name.

1) Has anyone seen this? Why would a wired connection work, but not the
wireless with adding the domain to the advanced DNS info tab?

2) What would adding the domain to the advanced DNS info tab do when our
users take the laptop away from our network? For example, if someone
accessing the Internet from home utilizing the wireless connection, would
DNS be resolved properly or would the domain we enter be appending to the
end of the URL they are trying to access? Example: We enter abcdomain.com
in the DNS suffix box. User tries to access the Internet via wireless at
home or other hotspot and opens a browser, types www.cnn.com, would
abcdomain.com be appended?

3) Could there be a setting in the access points not transferring the DNS

Hardware info:
laptops: HP/Compaq nx6110
wired ethernet: Broadcom 440X
wireless: Intel PRO 2200BG
access points: Cisco 1131G

Windows XP Pro SP2
Novell Client 4.91 SP2
Windows is managing the wireless connection

Grasping at straws....