NW 6.5 SP3

Netware client 4.91 SP2

Zen for destops 4 ir6

I' ll post this here first but may post this in the Zen forum also.

I have a problem when users login when confronted with the challenge
response question.

When users login, my password policy forces them to set a challenge response
question and answer at login if not already set, (which is what i want.)

Users are presented with a yes/no question, ' Do you wish to set your
challenge response question?'
IF users click yes and then set their challenge response question.all is

But...... if they click no, the workstation loads , but then hangs with NAL
application explorer ( the spinning icon on the system tray) we have an
application that loads at start up with NAL (NWQuota).

I have tested this quite a few times and it does seem that when the
response is NO it affects the startup of this application.

If i click no, then i set the application to not run at startup, wait for
workstaion to fully load. then click on a NAL icon for it it does the same,
it hangs with a (distributing script error)

What i find odd is that if users click YES, there is no problem, when they
click NO it affects the workstation, as if its hanging on to something.

many thanks in adavance.