We have encountered a situation where a user enters the username on a
contextless enabled workstation, hits the tab and a list of about thirty
users are displyed. All the users displayed have different usernames and
some are in different containers. This is only occuring for one user. If I
login in with any of the other users, the problem is not seen.

I have checked the users account, and no other names are defined. I was
wondering that maybe an alias may be the issue, but I am unable to find

I ran dsrepairs, with no results.

I did change the name of the user and when I went to log in, I had no
issues. At the same time, I logged in with the original username and it
gave me the same results of thirty users even though the account had been

I am clustered by this. Any ideas would be helpful.

NW65sp5, eDir8737, Client4.91sp2

Thanks in advance.