Hi there

We have some Netware 6.5 SP 5 servers and some MS Windows 2003 SP1 servers.
We are using IDM 3.0 to do a sync of user and group objects from eDir to AD
(just in this direction). We are also using password sync.

On the clients, we have the 4.91 SP1 client on WinXP SP2. The NMAS client
was installed by default. We found that when we disabled NMAS, the login
was much faster (as with NMAS it needs to search for the security container
in the root of the tree).

We don't need biometric login or advanced password policies.

Question: Do we really need the NMAS client? We saw in a Novell manual that
for IDM 3 you need it, but after some testing we found that the password
sync works also without it. Are we missing something here? Any insight is
greatly appreciated.

Regards, Pascal