Documentation for GINA replacement is finally available.
Does this mean that we will soon see Netware Client for Vista?

"Credential Provider Samples"

In some scenarios, you may find that an existing credential provider fits almost all of your needs, with the exception of an
additional field or two you need to retrieve from the user. It would be a shame to have to re-implement the functionality of the
existing credential provider, so this sample illustrates the process of wrapping an existing credential provider and extending it
with two additional fields.

Please note that encapsulation (or "wrapping") should be used sparingly. It is not a one size fits all replacement for the GINA
chaining behavior. Unlike GINA chaining, the behavior you add only applies if the user clicks on your credential tile and does not
apply if they click on another credential tile. Encapsulation is
only done explicitly and should only be done when you know exactly what the behavior of the wrapped credprov is. It should be used
when you want to extend the credential information that the wrapped credprov is getting. If you merely want to do something extra
with the credentials gathered by another credprov, then a network provider is likely more suited to your needs than a credential


Best regards, Roman