Windows 2K fully patched. Novell Client for Windows 4.91 SP2
The machines are horribly slow, Only common thread are that these are older
pc's that have had alot of Netware clients installed/upgraded.
The PC's are so slow that Highlighting a file, right clicking and waiting
for the menu (to select copy/delete) takes 10-15 minutes. Lan trace shows
that the machine tries to resolve "special" over all resolution paths.
Netbios, SLP, DNS, etc. Last night I finally located a very old TID that
describes this issue. So far the only way to resolve this I have found is a
clean load of Windows / The client. Today I'm going to check the version of
"CLNWIN32.DLL " and see if maybe it's not getting updated for some reason.
Looking for other suggestion on what to try. Thanks