Hello everyone...

I am in desperate need for some guidance. We recently upgraded all of our
computers in the field to Novell Client 4.91 Sp2. On about 400 of our
computers we use the AutoLog.exe utility from the Novell Website. These
400 machines do not have keyboards.

The problem is as follows:

In the past using Novell Client 4.83 when the computer had no network
connection the user would be prompted with a "No Tree or Server found"
message. They click "No" and then they check "Workstation Only". The
password would already be there for them since the AutoLog was enabled.

The issue is now, following the same procedures with the Novell Client
4.91 SP2, when they get the "No Tree or Server found" message and they
click "No" and check "Workstation Only", the username is there, but the
password is not.

I really need to find a solution to this, as starting Monday probably 10%
of our computers will not have network and no keyboard, thus no access to
the computer.

I am open to any work around someone can suggest.