I've reviewed the TID 10086294 Controlling WS Only functionality and
tested it. It works but not exactly how I would have envisioned it
working. Here is what I mean.....
We have two profiles(Win2k) on every pc, Administrator and student(Power
User). We set the pc's to automatically use "student" after Netware
login so as to not have to type in the password each time. Works great.
Problem is students see the WS only box and have found that they can do
WS only login and hide their tracks. So I research out a way to stop
this and find the above article. The problem is that if not connected or
authenticated to the network, the WS only box does not appear just a
window asking if you still want to login to the WS. When you click yes,
it does the automatic student login, so no way to login as administrator.
Wouldn't it be better if during authentication if it did not see the
network it would present the Login window with the WS only box?
Just trying to make things easier for us tech guys, anyone else agree or
found a different way?