This is a strange one and we only seen it on a hand full of workstations.
It happens for both w2k and XP desktops. We have screensaver lock enabled
so after 12 minutes or so it will lock the workstation. Well, on some
comupters at random times the user will come back and it will be
flickering. What I mean by this is that the dialog box that says "this
station is locked, press ctrl-alt-del to unlock it" is shown but flashing
in a wierd way where you can hardly read it. Once this happens the comupter
has to be powered off. The station is not locked as you can press num lock
and the light goes on and off. You don't have any mouse or anything. press
ctrl-alt-del does nothing.

We have changed video drivers and video cards, no dice. The strange thing
is that we have that dialog box disabled so all the user should see is the
login box to unlock the workstation. which makes me think it is a policy
problem. It is almost like the computer is in limbo.

We have full updates for both OS's and are on of the client
on a 6.5 SP3 server.

Any Ideas?