I am having a problem with installing the Novell client on new
workstations, and I can't find any info on this problem on the Internet.
When I install 4.91 SP2 onto a new workstation, and then reboot it, the
Windows login appears before the Novell login. Also, sometimes it won't
allow me to login to Novell, as the eDirectory tab is missing, and instead
I have a Bindery tab. The only way I have found to rectify the problem is
to remove and reinstall the client about 10 times. (Not exaggerating) I
have tried installing the client with the unattended script, without it,
using acu.exe, and using setupnw.exe. I've tried it with and without
using a batch file, and installing from different locations. I've tried
downloading a fresh copy of the client installation files.

We're trying to deploy new workstations, and this is making it
impossible. I've tried messing with the Windows users: renaming, adding,
deleting, changing the Windows login settings. Nothing seems to have any
effect other than reinstalling the client a random number of times. Even
installing ZEN with DLU doesn't resolve the problem....the problem just
keeps DLU from working.

Workstations are brand new Dell OptiPlex 620s with OEM install of Windows
XP SP2. Tried using patch kit c, had no effect.

Thank you!