Had a problem with the Novell client 4.91 on Windows XP where the drives
do not get mapped. The fix was to apply 4.91 service pack 2. I did this
at one site and it seemed to cure the problem. I tried it at another site
and now Windows XP blue screens with BAD_POOL_HEADER error when the users
try to access certain directories. Both sites are using the same Windows
XP image and each site has its own Netware 5.1 service pack 8 server. I
have tried manually installing the client, running disrepair and running
vrepair. It does not happen if I log on as administrator only as a user.
The only difference is that the server where the users that are having
the problem is a normal Netware volume as apposed to the other server has
a nss volume. When the original client is put back they can access the

Any information would be appreciated.