We are running XP SP2 machines on a Netware 5.1 network with e-dir 8.7.1,
Zenworks 3.2, Netware Client 4.91 SP2b, and Contextless login

We are having users who log in fine one day and then the next day they get
that it cannot find the userid or the tree. They wait 5 - 10 minutes then
they can log in just fine. It usually happens 8-9 in the morning and 1-2
in the afternoon.

In doing research, I have heard that their is a problem with Zen 3.2 &
contextless login, but have not been able to find any documentation on it.
Does anyone know if this is the case?

I find it hard to believe because the only component of Zen that we use in
the client is the Workstation manager.

The clients search the local context first then do a search from the top
of the tree. There is currently only 1 ldap server that handles the
contextless login.

Any suggestions? Thank