I have strange problem.

Workstation (2k/XP) client version: 4.90.2. NetWare serwers 5.1 with sp
7 and 8. Two network sides - sideA with ServerA with master replicas of
root, sideA and sideB partitions; sideB with ServerB and R/W replicas
root, sideA and sideB.
SideA works great. When client from sideB logins into NDS using serverB
(serverB in NDS server tab client configuration) logging process takes
long time (5-8 minutes). When client from sideB logins into NDS using
serverA, logging process takes as normal 2-3 seconds. This problems
suggest NDS replicas on serverB problems but when i try to loging from
sideA to NDS using serverB works ... great. Problem is presend about 2
weekes. I can not remember any changes i made in last two weeks. Any ideas ?

I checked:

- time and DS synch - OK
- SLP and other name resolutions - OK

New user object created in sideB have no problems :-/