I am having issues with workstations going into a reboot cycle with any
client after 4.83 on 6.5-SP5. The condition is not linked to hardware, nor
is it distinguishable by what is installed on the WS.

It appears to be linked to NMAS but... removing NMAS after it's installed
will not fix it.

The time the WS runs before it reboots is variable, but it is always shortly
after the WS comes up. It may be just after log in or it may be five
minutes later. Log in always works well. Connection to the server is
established and something from the server triggers the reboot.

My experience is that ~10% of a given hardware configuration might do this,
but it could be related to a combination of hardware/software. I have seen
the same user with identical software installed on two different hardware
packages have the desktop fail and the laptop work just fine.

I observed zero instances of this with 6.5-SP2. The WSs that do it can log
back in to the SP2 box just fine and never hiccup, but logging out and then
logging in to the SP5 box initiates the reboot cycle which will contine