when i create a file on a netware 6.x server (NSS), the creation date of
the file is always the one of the server. For instance, my workstation is
UTC - 4 while my server is UTC + 2. When i create a file from the
workstation on the NW server, its creation date is always UTC + 2
(viewing with Windows Explorer). As if, from my workstation point of
view, the file will be created in the futur (it is still 8:00am but the
file i just created show 14:00 the same day). If i turn
nss /IgnoreTimeZone on the server, i see 12:00 for the file creation
time. So it's not really what i am looking for. I would like to see 8:00
from my workstation and someone who is in the same time zone as the
server should see 14:00.

Hope i am clear enough :-)

Is there a way to make it work this way (as in Microsoft world) ? The
Microsoft client always presents the creation date according to your
workstation time zone. But Novell Client doesn't seem to work that way.

Can someone tell me more about this problem ?