The system:

Windows XP Pro SP2 - all patches
Supermicro H8DCE motherboard with 2 dual-core AMD CPUs, 4gb RM
Onboard nVidia Nforce Pro LAN
Nvidia WHQL drivers version 6.70
Quadro FX 3500

Before Novell Client is installed, the machine is snappy, gets to other
domain PCs on the network speedily. It is a dream machine as it was
designed to be.

Install the Novell Client, and the login takes longer (acceptably), but
then ~20 seconds into the desktop load the mouse goes to molasses speed.
Minutes later it comes back. Trying to open any drive folder takes minutes
-- as long as a half an hour! I'm even talking the local C drive! Once a
drive has been opened it seems speedy enough, but then opening another
network share will cause another delay. Impossible to work on.

Remove the Novell Client (in safe mode) and everything returns to its
normal speediness.

We are a mixed MS Domain/Novell 6.5 server environ with 30 machines (none
of the caliber of the problem one) that all play nice with default installs.

I have tried:

* Slow preformance opening explorer or UNC locations or accessing MS
servers. - TID10090785 -- this has helped with all of our other workstations

* Novell Client Post-4.91 SP2 Patch Kit "C" - TID2974113

* Novell Client post-4.91 SP2 NWFS.SYS - TID2974206

Now what? TIA!

Patrick Clow