I have some new Dell Latitude D620 laptops that are displaying a strange
behaviour. On boot the Novell login appears. I put in my id /
password. The windows login appears, I put in the appropriate username /
password. Windows desktop then appears, the welcome sound is played,
the N Results windows showing the login script appears ...
Your current context is ....
User: ... context: ....
Your current tree is: ....
You are attached to server .....

and then it hangs. The drive light blinks for a while and then the
thing just sits there. ... after more than 30 mins, it finally finished
the login script window. Once it carries on, the script runs completely
and correctly. I do not have trouble with the login script on any other
machines in the network.

This is more frequent on wireless connection, but has also happened when
attached to a wire network connection. I had no trouble with the Dell
D610 version of this laptop.

It is a single Novell 6.5 server environment. The laptops have WinXP
pro installed - patched to the latest updates. Mcafee Anti-Virus 8.0 is
installed. Novell client 4.91.20050216

Joe Guenther