Its hit and miss, out of 12 logins in a row, probably happens about 5
times. However, if you fail the first time, repair your connection, then
do it again it works. Clients are all 4.91 SP2 with Zenworks 7 installed.

No XP firewall in place.

DS is very healthy.

Wireless adapter is listed as FIRST in the Adapters and Bindings. Max
Transmit/Receive powers set and not set to manage "power" for battery life.

IP Helpers of the novell servers are on the wireless VLAN.

Login Script has been modified so instead of server names its all IP, and
it still happens (so not a dns issue).

Not client specific. Will happen to Broadcoms, Intels, and Linksys. This
is all specific to wireless, does not happen when wired.

I do not believe its a network problem, as its hit and miss. This has got
to be more geared towards the Novell Client or the Novell Edir structure.
They get authenticated, and get IP and we have very strong overlapping
coverage handled by the Wireless Lan Controllers so that should not be a
problem either...