Hello all,

I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with a laptop logging in via a
wireless connection to an AP that is connected to a switch with a VLAN
defined on the port. I am in a campus environment, with several switches
connected via fiber optic cable. These are layer 2 switches with VLANs
defined on them, no routers in between the workstations and the servers.
Multiple Netware 6.0 servers with the latest service pack on them, along
with several Win application servers. The laptop is running Windows XP SP
2 with the latest patches. Novell client 4.91. IPX and IP are running on
all servers and the client is configured with both, with IP being the

If I set the default VLAN on the port with the AP connected to it to 1 (the
default VLAN) I am able to make a wireless connection and login to Novell.
I do need to do this by first doing a workstation only login, waiting for
the wireless connection to come up, then using the red N menu to get a
netware login screen. When I change the VLAN id on the port with the AP to
the one I want (25), the netware login will not succeed. The message is
"Tree or server not found" (or something simlar). With the VLAN id set to
25 I can ping all of the Netware servers after doing a workstaion only
login and getting a wireless connection.

Running an ethereal capture with the VLAN definition set to 1 and then to
25, I see the client sending SLP requests and getting responses. The final
response on the one that works has extra information in it, including a
socket entry. The client then sends a series of pings to the netware
servers and then continues with the login process - doing the security
handshake, etc. In the one that doesn't work the "good" SLP response never
appears, and the client times out after several tries.

Another item that might help shed some light. When I am hooking up a
computer for the first time to ethernet, I need to change the VLAN for the
port to 1 in order to get a DHCP address assigned. I am then able to
change it to a different VLAN and the workstation will renew it as needed
without a problem. DHCP is being provided by a firewall appliance, as not
all VLANs can see the servers, but all can see the firewall. Not sure if
this is related, but wanted to mention it.

Thanks for the look.