Hi all,
I'm not sure this is strictly a 'client' question, however...
Here's a bit of context. I work for a school district. We have been
gradually (past 1.5 yrs) upgrading our 4.1x file servers to new 6.5 ones at
a bunch of locations, starting with the high-schools.

Originally, we had as many 'trees' as locations (schools) for our 4.1x
infrastructure. Now that our WAN is >100Mb speed, we decided to go for a
one tree structure for 6.5.

I was not directly involved in the planning, but I'm finding myself at the
supporting end. :) The 6.5 structure has been created from scratch, with
a different tree name, and uses TCP-IP only, while the remaining 4.1x
servers are running IPX.

The problem we are experiencing started growing as we are introducing more
6.5 servers on the WAN. It's that some clients (this is an apparently
completely random) attach to the wrong server, not the server they have
available on the LAN that is. This generates the mapping in the login
script to fail, for lack of proper rights.

We are mostly using WindowXP pro SP2 and Window 2000 SP4 on our
workstations. We have quite a few labs updated with the latest 4.91Sp2
client, but this does not seem to help. The client are TCP-IP only (no IPX).

This is not completely random in a way that if a specific wks happens to
attach to the wrong server, chances are that the same station will again,
sometimes even after a reboot. However, different workstations will show
this problem over time (not always the same ones).

The 6.5 servers are setup to provide DNS and DHCP services. We ruled out
hardware issue: at one location we replaced every single switch between the
clients and the server and it made no difference.

I found that if we fiddle with some SLP parameters in the client, like
enabling SLP find nearest server, and allowing a longer timeout for that,
this definitely seems to help, but doesn't completely eliminate the problem.

The clients are configured with all the right info, as far as we can tell.
We are using contextless login, and Zenworks 6.5 WM to create the students

Any help / insight much appreciated! :)