Long Story - bit of Background

One of clients running Sage Line 50 Accounts had been complaining about
once he went for 3 PC's Peer to Peer to 5.
His customer base also grown.

So I suggested a Server and since the overall cost was high I suggested
Novell SB6.6 Starter to get him thinking server.
(I explained the process of adding more users... & his Ok with that)

Due to holidays etc server is about to be delievered NEXT week...

Now just doing some tests

Aged Balance (Screen) takes 6 sec on Local PC (1490 customer account
20 Secs Peer to Peer
*** 6 minutes *** with Netware Client (IP) *** WOW!!!
On the same Server the CIF share only takes 21 Secs

22 secs on Linux Samba (share)

(NB: Caching Turned Off) - its a Database and I'm scared of corruption !

I would really like to use the Netware Client but this perfomance hit is

can anyone help with suggestions on how to IMPROVE this ??