I have some users that receive a read only message when they attempt to
open a word or excel spreadsheet. The users are running mixed versions
of windows xp and all are running the 4.9 sp1a client. The server is
running 6.5 sp3. So far, 5 out of 200 users are reporting the
problem. When one of the affected users opens a file I noticed that in
monitor it shows the file opened twice. Closing the file on the
workstation does not cause the files to be closed on the server. At
this point anyone attempting to open the file will get the read only
warning. If the user logs out of the server the files are cloased and
other users can open and modify the files. I have 2 systems that are
running the same client and cannot reproduce the double file. Any idea
what would cause the files to 1) be opended twice? (possibly the auto
backup?) 2) not close either file when the app closes the file.

Our clients are configured with file commit set to on and file cache
set to off. The server is also configured to commit file immediately.

Any thoughts?