I'm looking for a server-side means of disabling NetIdentity
authentication for NetStorage (not using Virtual Office).

The NetIdentity Agent was intentionally deployed to ~300 lab PC's via an
image with client 4.91 SP2, and ZENworks 7 Agent, so we could enable
self password resets ("forgot your password" prompt).

The remaining ~700 workstations are running client 4.90 SP2 + ZENworks 7
Agent and, from recent research, I understand that the ZEN agent
installed xtier/NetIdentity components. These components are now caching
user credentials on login to eDir and authenticating users again xtier
apps like NetStorage. According to Novell this is by design, but it is
causing confusion for our users and calls to our help desk.

I've come accross TID's that offer the solution of renaming
C:\WINDOWS\system32\rapwinet.dll but my direction in this scenario is to
avoid any client-side changes and review the server-side config as a
means of disabling NetIdentity authentication for NetStorage.