I recently installed the Novell Client for Windows v4.91 SP2 on 20+
workstations. Users immediately started complaining about getting slow
responses when connecting to any Windows Network Shares. I found a
document from Novell and it seems to fix the problem by changing the
Network Providerís Order. The document ID is 10052031.
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Since I have already made my users unhappy at the first installation, I
want to make sure I wonít have any other problem before I tell them that
I have a fix.

I did a typical installation of the Novell Client for each workstation;
and I followed the procedure in documents 10059722 to configure the
Microsoft Logon Screen as default; and then I follow document 10052031 to
tackle the slow response problem by moving Microsoft Windows Network in
front of Netware Services, and LanMan Print Services in front of Netware
Print Services.

My questions are: are there any other things I should be aware of because
the way I setup Novell Client? My users donít connect to the Novell
Network often but when they do, will there be any problem because I
change the Providerís order and Windows Logon Screen?

Iíd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

Brown University