Novell 4.11 (rock solid - don't want to change)
Novell Client 4.91.2 (set to IPX only)
Various PCs, different models, MB, NICs,etc., similar models cloned with
Ghost, DeepFreeze.
Exactly the same setup on all machines. Autologin into Win XPP

We have an inconsistent problem occuring with our logins.
It doesn't occur consistently on every machine, nor on the same machines.
Sometimes the login works, sometime the login fails.

The pattern seems to be this:
1. The user boots and the login screen appears.
2. The user waits to login (5 minutes seems to be the trigger).
3. The user attempts to login, the icon appears with the connecting
cables, and the computer is frozen at that point. At
least for 45 minutes. I haven't checked longer.
4. A physical reset (pushing the button) will usually allow the user to
login if they do it immediately. Sometimes a hard
boot is required.

I have run through the Client Properties --> Advanced Settings parameters.
Changing the time based parameters has no effect on the problem. In
particular, Bad Server Name Cache and Wait Before Giving Up on DA, both set
to 5 minutes, had no effect when changed.

Any ideas or further info required?


R. D. Firth
Iohahi:io Akwesasne Adult Education