I posted about this in the ZFD 6.5 Management Agent section but this
is a different post, but same situation...sort of.

Have you guys ever had problems with weird characters or symbols when
using unattend.txt files for the installs? I'm currently using 4.91
SP2 with an unattend.txt file.

I can install Windows XP from scratch and then use my install. When
it finishes, the client comes up, but the server I specify in the
unattend.txt file for the profile is listed, but not selected.

I only have one server I'm putting here (in this example) but instead
of it displaying that in the eDirectory tab upon login, it'll display
boxes instead of the name. If I choose the server name from the
drop-down it works great.

The registry key also shows the weird characters. A screenshot is
here: http://www.bndservices.com/novell/in...characters.jpg

This only seems to happen when I use an unattend.txt file but
everything looks perfect in the file. I've tried saving in UTF-8 and
Unicode instead of ANSI with no luck.