Is there any way I can implement XP's "Offer Remote Assistance" feature in
my environment? Here's what we have:

WinXP workstations.
No Active Directory.
Novell Client for Windows 4.91 SP2
Volatile User
ZENworks 7 desktop management agent

"Offer Remote Assistance" seems to require user accounts on the local
workstation, or for the workstation to be a member of an Active Directory
Domain. Isn't there a way for the Novell Client, or ZENworks to make the
workstation think it's part of a domain so I can implement this great

Heck, if NDS could "appear" as Active Directory, I'd be one happy guy -
there are a number of applications in our environment that are not
compatible with NDS, but are with AD. Which means we're having to work more
to support those apps that we'd like.


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