We upgraded our edirectory to edir from and loaded
nw65sp1 with nw65sp1upd1.

On one of our citrix servers, we received the Novell Security warning
Internal Error 0xFFFFFA78. We tried to uninstall the client, then nmas
and nici. During the nmas it complained about something missing. Now
when we try to install or uninstall nmas, it complains about transform
paths missing or improper.

Thus, the installation appears to be somewhat corrupt. We can now login
in but if we check the box to not do nmas authentification, it will not
login. Otherwise, it does not do one mapping for the login script. map
f:=server1\sys:. It maps instead to map f:=server2\sys:.

How can we get the installs for 4.91sp2/nmas/nici cleaned up so then can
be properly uninstalled (errors now) so we can reinstall and preferably
reinstall without nmas.