HI All,

Right here is what we want to do, we are busy rolling out ZenWorks suite 7,
Desktop so.....

I have DLU enable, AND i want to force my users to Authenticate to edir, so
for that i take the Workstation Only tickbox away...so far so good, BUT we
are is ZA so power etc etc telecoms lines etc are not so reliable, SO what
now if there is no network connection, I still need the user to be able to
login locally, or if he takes he's laptop home for that matter, THEN and
only then (when no network is available) I want the Workstation Only Tick
Box to appear......now i have tired all the conminations in the Client
properties (Advand Login page...the last 4 options is suppose to deal with
this), with no luck.....if i use the option to not display workstation only
box it is gone no matter what else i do.....here is the current reg
settings i have..no apparently this works at another side....please if
somebody can fix the settings i have wrong?..
here is the .reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"Local Login"=dword:00000000
"Default WS Only"=dword:00000000
"Check Workstation Only if Disconnected"=dword:00000001
"Workstation Only"=dword:00000000
"Workstation Only Fallback"=dword:00000001

I am now on my knees.....with the settings like this....it does allow me to
login locally but only after about 5mins worth of try to connect to the not
available novell network..!?!??