I setup two new netware 6.5 servers. I did not migrate the information
from the old servers using the migration tool. Instead, I copied the data
over and recreated all the users, groups and rights using nwadmin. The
new servers have different names and trees. However, when I went around
the building testing user logins, some computers get the message "The
system could not log you into network. Make shure that your name
connection information correct." Now, I tried users I know are working on
other PCs including the admin user. Some PCs just can't login to the new
server no matter what user. All the PCs are using client 4.91 service
pack 1. And all the PCS can login into the old servers, which the new
ones will replace, so I know the cabling and switches are good. It is not
a license limit issue either because I can login into one PC, be denied
at the next and login okay at the 3rd. I have login into 11 PCs at one
then logged out and tried the problem PCs by themselves and they still
couldn't login. Now weirder still, four days went by, I moved one of the
new servers to the main server room and some of the PCS that couldn't
login before, now can to that server, but other PCs still can't and never
have to the same server? Both servers are 6.5 with service pack 5. All
the clients are windows Xp with service pack 2 running client 4.91 sp1.
Anyone have any ideals on this? Thanks :-)