Is there a new windows Security update that would cause login problems.
I am seeing a lot of people with really weird login problems. XP Pro SP2
client 491SP2 IP only. Slp working, the problem server is the DA server.

Originally a few were getting :
Login-LGNWT32.dll-470: The specified drive mapping is an invalid path.
This leads to a NW6.0SP path that has worked for years.
Now some are getting no errors but when they try a shortcut to that
server is cannot find it and when you look in windows explorer they
cannot connect. Rebooting usually corrects.
Just now I was trouble shooting a users printer and needed to reboot
frequently he would get "Novel Security Message": connection to the
server was terminated. try workstation only..... However just putting
the password in again the logon works fine. At one point I clicked on
tree in advanced, it found it after a while, but when i clicked on
context it said: "No context found in tree lorch". Server has been up
for over 50 days and I am going to reboot it at luch to see if that
alleviates the problem.

My suspicion is though that M$ has done us dirty again.

any ideas?