I am experiencing the same problem...was this ever resolved for you and
if so, what was the issue? Please e-mail me at gagliardi@fnb-corp.com


> Does anyone have solution for this error. It does not happen to all

> everytime. This problem just started a week ago. Nothing has changed in

> environment.
> I'm running 2 Netware 5.0 sp6a servers, 1 Tree.
> Workstations are Windows XP sp1, and sp2. The clients are 4.90, 4.9sp1,
> 4.9sp2, and a few Windows 98 machines.
> At times it will happen to either server.
> LOGIN-LGNWNT32.DLL-430: The following drive mapping operation could not

> completed.
> [ROOT F:=PRO1/SYS1:]
> The error code was 8819.
> Thanks,
> Mike Thompson