Hi !! Hello

Well we have two office in two different location in the same city.
Well in Location A we have Novell Server 5 the users in Location A
logins to this server through LAN since its in the same building. But
we want to extend this server to Location B which is quite far from
Location A, for this purpose we have installed a firewall enabled vpn
D-Link 800. Well we are planning in such a way that user from all over
should be able to dial into the server VIA INTERNET. We have obtained a
static IP for this purpose. Now the users in Location A when they
login, the login script excutes and brings up the DOS based ERP, which
we have been using even on XP. But can u please tell me how over VPN
when users dial from various location B will access our server WHAT ARE
THE measures which i should take to achive this.. All the workstations
are windows XP and Novell Client 4.91.