I have a Windows 2000 sp4 Server with teminal server.
This server is a member server of a domain.
I have installed Client 4.91sp2.
When i login on the console this server is logging in to AD and eDir.

Now the problem.

I install metaframe XPe.
When i log in on the console the server is logging in to AD and eDir.
When i log in with the citrix 9.2 client the server is not logging in to
AD and eDir.
The server now suddenly want to log on to the local member domain and eDir.
No user is available here and the passtrough authetication isnt working.

Why is the server not logging in to the domain anymore?

In the citrix client i have an option to set it to NT authentication.
When i do this the server is logging on to AD but Contextless login doesnt
work anymore.

Whe had solved this problem with DLU from Zen but we want to change this.
This becource we want to use trusted connection for the microsoft SQL
This isnt working with DLU.